Amplimesh Security Screen Doors:

The Amplimesh range of security screen doors include hinged, sliding and folding door configurations. At the moment there are 2 choices of Amplimesh doors, which are the well known Amplimesh Supascreen which comes with a 16year Amplimesh Warranty and the Amplimesh Intrudaguard which comes with a 10year Amplimesh Warranty.

Amplimesh Supascreen-

Amplimesh Supascreen® is a high security door solution that gives a clear, unobstructed view with uninterrupted airflow. The appearance is in no way compromised as the Supascreen® maintains its clean and smooth features. Supascreen® is manufactured using a unique patented pressure system that eliminates the need for unsightly screws or rivets. The corrosion resistant mesh is a high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, maximising strength and durability while still providing a welcome entrance to your home.Amplimesh Supascreen® is manufactured to exceed all Australian standards and are also perfect for fire-rated regions.


Amplimesh Intrudaguard-

IntrudaGuard® security screens are the strong, stylish and affordable screen that Australian’s have been searching for. The best news is the screen assembly can be done in less than 10 minutes without the need for expensive assembly tooling.

The IntrudaGuard® security shield is constructed from a single sheet of specially tempered marine grade aluminium, which features a unique perforated design. A high tensile alloy has been chosen for increased strength allowing for a new generation of perforated security screens to be made.

IntrudaGuard® offers a class-topping 125 ° viewing angle. The highest level of visibility available on the aluminium perforated security screen market ensuring your clear views are never compromised.

IntrudaGuard® is made using our unique bonding process. This process delivers superior strength by eliminating the need for exposed fittings. It also means greater value as the production time is more efficient than that of traditional screens.

Australian Standards-

Amplimesh security screen doors are tested against the strictest Australian standards.


Australian Standard AS5039-2008 & AS5041-2003


Australian Standard AS1530.4-2005, Appendix B7


Australian Standard AS1170.2-2002, Clause 5.3.2


Australian Standard AS2039-2008 & AS5041-2003


Australian Standard AS3959-2009


Australian Standard AS1170.2-2011

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